Plans and Packages

Business Plans and Packages

Winston Media Concepts offers a la cart plans and packages for small, medium and large businesses (SMEs); nonprofit organizations, government agencies, entrepreneurs, writers, artists and professionals.  WMC’s goal is to provide excellent services that help clients reach their professional and business goals while maintaining their budget.  WMC is happy to work with your budget. We are now offering African Language classes to help you expand your business overseas.

Choose from one or more of our plans specifically tailored for your business, career or agency.  If the price is not “just right” send us a message and let’s negotiate.   WMC offers payment plans for small businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals to help them reach their goals and great rates for large and small enterprises.  Also, if you are a nonprofit, be sure to ask for our nonprofit discount, we offer larger than usual support, because we believe in doing well while doing good!  So ask!

Services and Solutions

If you do not see a service or solution that fits your needs, please submit your request below.

 Our Commitment

Winston Media Concepts is committed to excellent services that will fit your budget and help you reach your business goals.  We believe providing excellent service at fair prices is at the heart of good business.  Our integrity and commitment to your success is second to none.