New ESL Resources

“I am excited to offer new services at Winston Media Concepts,” Winston said. We want to offer a complete array of business services that really address some of the issues that businesses, employers, career professionals, employees and educators face.” Our ESL services are intended to help language learners improve their understanding of English as well as reduce their accent. The goal is to help individuals … Continue reading New ESL Resources

Founder Starts Vegetarian Content Series

The Vegetarian Diaries is a new video series starting April 14, 2022 featuring on YouTube and other web platforms to highlight vegetarian living and natural lifestyle. “I’m glad to share my journey with others.” Winston said, “Its not just an opportunity to tell others about a vegetarian lifestyle, but also about a natural lifestyle. “ Winston makes the distinction between being vegetarian and natural–which she … Continue reading Founder Starts Vegetarian Content Series

Founder Launches #BizTalkAfrica to Highlight Developing Economies

The 60-day IndieGoGo Campaign launched in early March will now be accompanied by the weekly #AFRICABIZTALK Twitter chat which will span the entire month of April. The chat will feature an audio segment featuring on Twitter Spaces directly followng the Tweet chat. “I think #AfricaBizTalk Twitter chat is a great way to round out the campaign,” WMC Founder Lela Winston said. #AfricaBizTalk happens every Friday … Continue reading Founder Launches #BizTalkAfrica to Highlight Developing Economies

WMC Founder Starts IndieGoGo in March for African Business

“I wanted to find a way to support a very fragile market.” Lela Winston said, siting the precarious state of many African and Black businesses that do not have the capital to scale. Scaling a business begins when entrepreneurs determine they wish to grow from a small enterprise to a larger entity through greater productivity, new markets and upgraded hiring. All of which take liquid … Continue reading WMC Founder Starts IndieGoGo in March for African Business

REPAT●Africa Sign-up

Sign up below, to join the 30 minute introductory seminar on June 12th. You will get valuable insights on REAL African life, cost of living, culture, safety, mistakes to avoid and more! This is a “real-talk” seminar, so children 18 and under are not allowed. You will be emailed login details when your $30 payment is confirmed. Be sure your email and name are correct … Continue reading REPAT●Africa Sign-up

WMC Adds Apparel, Product/Brand Designs

Winston Media Concepts has alway provided top quality branding consulting and public relations services to its clients. The move to providing creators, brands and businesses with brand designs for products is another step in the process of offering solutions for small, medium and large businesses, entrepreneurs and creatives. “With the advent of drop-shipping and T-shirt sales online and new e-commerce platforms, now businesses, entrepreneurs and … Continue reading WMC Adds Apparel, Product/Brand Designs

WMC Pivots to African Media

Winston Media Concepts has been creating business media success for nearly 10 years.  After helping large and small companies achieve their media goals, Communications Specialist and Founder, Lela Winston will lend WMC resources toward a new series focused on bringing artistic attention and critical thought to African Media.  The African Movie and Music Review will focus on reviewing movies, books and media from Africa and … Continue reading WMC Pivots to African Media

WMC Now Offering African Language Classes

Washington– Winston Media Concepts has offered business communications services since 2010.  As a consultant, Winston has supported business endeavors from local mom and pop institutions to international establishments and governments.  With the growth of Africa as a place of business and trade, Winston sees learning African languages as the key for business growth for enterprises around the world. “Our motto is changing media for a … Continue reading WMC Now Offering African Language Classes

2nd Year WMC Accesses Tony Elumelu Foundation

Washington — Founded in 2010, the Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF)  has been helping build African Entrepreneurs with special seminars, financial awards and opportunities.  The Foundation is the brainchild of Heirs Holding founder, Tony O. Elumelu, Nigerian Billionaire seeking to make greater opportunities for African businesses. “In 2016, I applied as to the TEF program,” WMC Lead Contractor, Lela Winston said, “I was more fascinated by … Continue reading 2nd Year WMC Accesses Tony Elumelu Foundation