Since 2010, Winston Media Concepts has provided contractual consultancy in the area of communications, journalism, public relations and advertising to SMEs, nonprofit non-governmental organizations, international government agencies and individuals.  The goal is to provide strategic, reliable services that provides the messaging, strategy and research necessary for businesses, enterprises and  governments to take their projects to the next level.

WMC Founder, Lela Winston provides communications, business management and research services. She is helping clients reach their target market, rebrand, develop and compete for greater market=share, audience engagement, institutional grants, and targeted business endeavors.  She provides deep insights from her field of knowledge in the area of mass communications, public relations, social media, international relations, journalism and business analysis.  Winston Media Concepts motto is –Media Concepts for a Changing World.

As a consultant, Winston has completed work for international trade organization, SMEs, nonprofits, Fortune 500 companies and nonprofit nongovernmental organizations in the US and abroad.  She provides services internationally provides on-location support, media and business professionalism training, research presentations and ideation sessions.  To book a session or discuss options, please fill the form below.  You are also invited to download a FREE content calendar to help you plan your next campaign or join the. 

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