WMC now offers wellness retreats under its new Wellness & Wander line.  This special line of retreats are targeted at providing participants with an opportunity to increase wellness.  The retreat offers an opportunity to meet with like-minded people, discuss health, wellness and goals. 

The retreats provide sessions on health, wellness, nutrition, fitness and mental health.  Participants can come in groups or individually to both relax and heal.

“The Wellness and Wander retreats are different from our Three2One Tours.” Winston said.  

“These retreats are designed to help you relax, heal, grow and connect.  The world has become a complicated place, so Wellness & Wander offers you something simple.  Peaceful.”

Winston recognizes that many people need an opportunity to heal, relax and simply get away from the stresses of life.  These retreats are designed to be intimate, kind and warm.  They are designed with four tracks:
General Wellness, Christian Wellness, Women’s and Men’s Wellness; with biannual Racial and Tribal Wellness Retreats.

These retreats are meant to help people heal and develop healthy coping mechanism. In the future WMC hopes yo expand the retreats to support other challenges. 

“These are not intensives meant to push you, but to allow you to heal.”

They are designed to provide a kind, relaxing environment where people can begin a process of healing and wellness or simply to relax and decompress  from the ordinary stresses of life.  The retreats with more specific focus will help you provide tools, sessions and activities providing tools for real wellness in those areas.

The first retreat will be held April 26-May 1, 2023  Registration for this retreat is open now and ends March 25, 2023. Maximum occupancy for this retreat is 20 slots. The themed retreat will be a part of the Christian Wellness Series.

We invite you to attend.

For Reservations :

winstonmediaconcepts @petalmail.com