Knowledge Services Highlighted in February

Winston Media Concepts has officially announced the launch of its Knowledge Services Modules.  The modules offer sales and marketing courses as well as Africa Business seminars for entrepreneurs and SMEs and nonprofit organizations/NGOs.

Winston, as the lead consultant has extensive experience in sales and marketimg, but also the highly nuanced field of nonprofit fundraising.  The Modules also take e-learning and seminars a step further by offering clients modules in “Doing Business in Africa,” living in Africa and various social aspects of life on the continent for those originally from Western or developed non-African countries.

“The Africa Seminars take away some of the shock for those who have not lived in a developing economy and provides immediate real-world direction.” Winston said.


She believes many embark on international journeys or business ventures without knowing the reality on the ground. And this is where Winston’s seminars differ from similar offerings.

“I understand that it’s your life, time and investment–and you need to know the nitty gritty reality before you make a move. Similar initiatives by local consultants and agencies often overlook important details because they grew up in the environment and they see it from their perspective, which is natural. But, we discuss more than just business models and top industries we discuss local attitudes about business,  foreigners, top producers and even how your phenotype and gender might influence your experience.”

The goal is to prepare people who are considering a move, an enterprise or investment.  Winston promises that each seminar includes a Q&A session that allows attendees to ask specific questions about their own case or aspirations.  The seminars have three methods of delivery. 

1). Pre-prepared streaming webinars.
2). Arranged video-conferences for individuals or groups.
3) In-person speaking engagements at conferences, events and other speaking engagements.


Winston is happy to spread the knowledge and help entrepreneurs improve skills,  learn new information they can apply immediately or find new markets of endeavor.  You can even access the “Africa Consulting ” services to get help planning a visit or even a short or long-term move to Africa.  Winston can help you plan, find living arrangements, logistics and transportation as well as cost of living in any African country of your choice.

“Knowledge Services relies on the concept that new information can change your life or the trajectory of your business.” Winston said. “I am committed to moving people, community and business forward through media, communications and tangible opportunity. “

Winston also offers entrepreneurs and businesses an opportunity to schedule in-person business visits by travelling abroad to Africa and having the discussion first hand. 

Tour capacities make it possible for you to fly in for 3-7 days to meet up and discuss business outlook or even parnterships.  Visit relevant offices, setup plans, visit banking institutions and even explore local industries and opportunities. The business tour can even be expensed as a business cost. Winston said, “Finding a trustworthy person on the ground who understands you, shares your values in business can be a challenge. But now you have a partner that can help you do incredible things with your business. ”