Three2One Affiliate Membership Program

The Three2One Tour Affiliate Program is the easiest way to make passive income. You don’t have to sell, meet quotas or buy shares to earn. Three2One Tours provide vacations that allow visitors to experience village life in a developing country. Members earn by helping people in their community, neighborhood, club, fraternity, church or business enjoy incredible experiences!

How Does It Work?
The Three2One Affiliate Program is a free annual membership program. Affiliates who join receive a unique membership code for tour registrations. When members book their trip, they use your Affiliate code which automatically earns you anywhere from 40-50 USD per completed trip. If seven (7) tours are completed with your code in March, you receive $350 in April. Membership is for 12 months beginning in January. If you join in June, you still must update in January. Every January all members must submit registration materials to stay current. It’s that simple.

Who Can Join?
Anyone! Three2One Affiliate Program is open to anyone wishing to earn passive income. You can sell tours wherever you are in the world and annual membership is free! We consider you an independent agent, so we don’t tell you how to sell the tours or interfere with any other work or business that you do. If you own a corner store or a pharmacy, you can leave fliers at the register for your customers to pick up and earn extra income when they vacation! You can even get serious about it; create your own marketing and adverts and set up tables at flea markets, trade events and sell tours full time.

What Do I Need To Join?
Three2One Affiliate Program makes earning simple. We need four things from you:

  • A completed Affiliate Member Registration form.
  • A US W-9 Form (this is for us to record payouts we make to you! We don’t collect tax!)
  • A valid payout method: (e.g. Bank Transfer information, MoneyGram Details, M-Pesa info).
  • A Copy of a valid ID/Passport
    That’s really it.

How Do I Apply?

Glad you asked! Here’s how: A). Click the Download Application button below. B). Click, “I Want This!” button on the landing site. C). When you reach the checkout, enter your email address and download the application. D). Send your application to If you are selected for the program, you will receive a welcome email with your unique Affiliate Code and details on where to download FREE Three2One marketing material. The rest is up to you.

If you have any question, or have trouble downloading the application, feel free to contact us here or via email and we will send it to you directly. Start earning passive income today!