WMC Features Custom Tour Dates & More: Update

Winston Media Concepts is now offering Custom Village Tour Dates! Our official dates remain in January and February 2023,  but now you can enjoy the tour with Custom Dates. 

“I wanted to create an extra option for those who want to take the tour but official dates may not fit their schedule.” Said Winston.

Tours are 5-7 days and include up to 4 days stay in the village where visitors will learn to cook outdoors, buy at local markets, visit historic sites, enjoy local cuisine and complete special challenges. 

You can view the tour schedule free for visitors interested in our upcoming standard tour dates.  For custom dates, contact us with your desired vacation schedule at the form below or email.

We are also offering a free affiliate program that lets members make passive income anytime someone enjoys one of our tours! It’s great for students, entrepreneurs, retirees,  schools, SMEs and sales professionals.  There are no KPIs or quotas. You don’t even have to sell! To join the affiliate program, download and complete the registration form.

For questions or comments or to schedule a custom tour, contact us at winstonmediaconcepts@petalmail.com or fill the form below.


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