Tour Experience 2023: Come Visit Me!

Winston Media Concepts is happy to announce “Three2One: Come Visit Me!” A tour designed to let people experience life in a developing country.  The tour gives visitors the ability to live like more than 700 million people all over the world who live on roughly  $2-4 USD a day.

“I want people to connect with more than just photos of rural or village life.” Winston said.  “This is an opportunity to see how the other half lives.  I’m hoping it will stir your compassion.”

Winston designed the tour with challenges, endurance tests and quotidian living options. Visitors will have a chance to visit major tourist areas and historic sites, but also experience truly local life, the way it is lived in modern villages around the world.

“I Call it a Three2One Tour because participants get a chance to go from ‘third-world life to First-world problems all in the same trip.”  Winston added.  It is designed to give participants an appreciation for “First-World Problems,” but also to impress a compassion and urgency on the need to support developing economies to help raise the standard.

“I don’t think we can have real change or compassion in this area, unless one experiences it for themselves.”  Winston said, “My experiences have vastly changed the way I see the world, and I think that this could be a life-changing tour for some.”

The tour comprises seven (7) days in which participants will have an opportunity to come stay at the host’s house.  They will learn to cook on open fire, buy at the market,  complete challenges, learn to ride a motorcycle taxi and visit historic sites.  The village host experience offers 2, 3 and 4 nights.  Given that the challenges require some level of endurance, visitors are encouraged to choose the stay they feel they can best manage.

The remainder of their stay will be at one of three fine hospitality locations.  The tour offers local hospitality, Bharat-charm and Shangri-la options for the convenience, comfort and cultural food options for participants.  Additionally, there is a Safari and luxury option for those who wish to finish out their trip in style at the highest accommodation availabe and explore nature on a Safari.

Visit our services page to download the Purchase Order to indicate your intent.  You will be sent the tour agreement, rules of conduct and releases which you must read, sign and return.  To participate, you want to be in fairly good health and have some level of endurance. Rural life is not always easy or convenient so bring sturdy shoes and a water bottle.

“Because the tour is so special, only groups of four (4) maximum participants are pemitted per tour date.  There are tour dates set for January and February.  You must fully sign up for the tour to secure a spot.

“Currently we have three (3) tours coming up, but we are looking forward to adding more dates in the future.” Winston said. 

The tour accommodates a maximum of four (4) people on each tour date and they must be part of the same group, or willing to cohabitate during the village host experience.  Individual travellers and couples are also able to secure one of the three upcoming slots in January or February.

Children under the age of 13 are not allowed on this trip. The strenuous nature of some activities and the terrain may not be safe for youths unaccustomed to such experiences. 

“It will be a visit you won’t forget.” Winston said, “and that is the point. See the world through different eyes. Come visit me!”

If you have questions about the tour, please feel free to message WMC here or at 


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