Pivot to New Content & Wellness

Winston Media Concepts is excited to report that new directions in media will soon be available. The goal us always to provide great services to SMEs, underserved and developing communities to better help them grow, establish markets and partner with like-minded interests. We want to focus on the stories that impact lives and provide resources to those who do.

As an update, the Twitter accout lela_winston was arbitrarily, permanently suspended from November 26, 2022.  The account acted principally as a news analysis/aggregator, offering commentary, slice of life and motivational quotes. The account, opened in October 2012 was followed by nearly 3000 followers which comprised local and international politicians, celebrities, dignitaries, journalist, professionals and people from around the world.  Winston still believes being informed in a changing world is necessary to make the best decisions. You can still get updates on news and analysis by joining the organic mailing list at lwinston20@163.com and contracting analysis services.  

WMC is excited about the prospects of independent journalism worldwide. We have seen the great impact good journalism can have on businesses and people worldwide. We support the news that gives you options and alternatives to a one-size fits all narrative. Be sure to leave your email so that we can reach out!

It is our distinct honor to provide “changing media for a changing world.” Our straitforward approach seeks to empower and support your growth.

Winston will also be focusing on wellness resources. Our commitment to “Doing well while doing good” continues. There will be new opportunities available and new directions in digital resources for businesses and community.

WMC continues to support the growth of your business, community, nonprofit or initiative.