Founder Starts Vegetarian Content Series

The Vegetarian Diaries is a new video series starting April 14, 2022 featuring on YouTube and other web platforms to highlight vegetarian living and natural lifestyle.

“I’m glad to share my journey with others.” Winston said, “Its not just an opportunity to tell others about a vegetarian lifestyle, but also about a natural lifestyle. “

The Vegetarian Diaries: Season 01

Winston makes the distinction between being vegetarian and natural–which she believes will help those curious about natural food, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), African Medicine, Ayurveda and other holistic diets and forms of self-care.

“This isn’t meant to be a structured approach to changing your diet. That’s something you do with the advice of your doctor, like I did. ” Winston stated, “The Vegetarian Diaries is about coming alongside you in whatever journey you’ve chosen to take and providing some natural alternatives and a birds eye view into being a vegetarian or even augmenting the dietary and health choices you’ve made for better results.”

Vegetarian and Natural Lifestyles

Winston maintains that the vlog is as much entertainment and anecdotes as it is great natural food and vegetarian content. It’s about living and learning and making the choices that make you feel good and gives you the benefits you want. The Vegetarian Diaries is in its first season which runs for 2 months (60 days), before it has a 30 day break. So you have until June 15 to enjoy all new episodes.