Founder Launches #BizTalkAfrica to Highlight Developing Economies

The 60-day IndieGoGo Campaign launched in early March will now be accompanied by the weekly #AFRICABIZTALK Twitter chat which will span the entire month of April. The chat will feature an audio segment featuring on Twitter Spaces directly followng the Tweet chat.

“I think #AfricaBizTalk Twitter chat is a great way to round out the campaign,” WMC Founder Lela Winston said.

#AfricaBizTalk happens every Friday in April 2022 to help highlight some of the hurdles, challenges and solutions for Africa’s businesses and industry. The chat hopes to tackle conversations underlying the root causes for Africa’s domestic business stagnation, high unemployment and infrequent intra-African trade.

“It’s a great conversation to have, because the critical discussions aren’t really being had for developing economies worldwide. ” Winston stated.

“African states aren’t alone in their inability to scale many major international and domestic business ventures,” Winston noted, “It’s a struggle many developing economies have and need to solve.”

#AfricaBizTalk offers a casestudy on many issues that many developing economies must tackle to ably enter the market. The growth and expansion of the world economy depends on it. Many economies can learn from each other. #AfricaBizTalk offers a platform for discourse on solutions.