WMC Adds Apparel, Product/Brand Designs

Winston Media Concepts has alway provided top quality branding consulting and public relations services to its clients. The move to providing creators, brands and businesses with brand designs for products is another step in the process of offering solutions for small, medium and large businesses, entrepreneurs and creatives.

“With the advent of drop-shipping and T-shirt sales online and new e-commerce platforms, now businesses, entrepreneurs and solo-proneurs can create products that speak to their audience.” said Lela Winston, lead consultant at Winston Media Concepts.

“Lot’s of creators have great ideas, but it can be hard to find or create the right designs for your brand. Winston Media Concepts Specializes in that.”

Clients will have an opportunity to select from ready-made designs, have new creations designed to fit their brand as well as enjoy designs that underscore WMC long time commitment to business excellence and newer ventures like the African Movie and Music Review.

“People want products that speak their language. That reflect their style and their unique personality. We provide that!”

Now you can get a free consultation on the designs that make your products pop! If you see a design you like or would like to schedule a consultation, use the contact box below!


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