WMC Pivots to African Media

Winston Media Concepts has been creating business media success for nearly 10 years.  After helping large and small companies achieve their media goals, Communications Specialist and Founder, Lela Winston will lend WMC resources toward a new series focused on bringing artistic attention and critical thought to African Media.  The African Movie and Music Review will focus on reviewing movies, books and media from Africa and its Diaspora.

“I think there’s a gap in African media across Africa and the Diaspora.” Winston said, “I really don’t see the appreciation and African scholarship around African arts and media–particularly among Africans on a large scale. ”

While current scholarship is replete with documentaries and anthropological books on African art by non-African universities and researchers, there has not been significant critique and appreciation supplied among African artists as the progenitors and authors of their craft or popular works.

“As a media professional, its easy to see that Africa has a lot to offer the world. And while I’m grateful for the recognition from other cultures and institutions, it really is hard to measure the growth or the authenticity of art without having direct feedback and appreciation from peers.”  Winston continued.

“I think it’s time we started appreciating the rich variety of media African artists, producers, directors, musicians and writers have to offer. They deserve to be celebrated among their peers on the continenet and appreciated by the Diaspora”

Winston Media Concepts in now accepting movie, book and music review requests.  Interested parties should submit all books in pdf format and provide URL Links to movies and music.  Contact:  winstonmediaconcepts[at]live[dot]com

Watch the latest review: https://youtu.be/BuW93TeITOY




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