WMC Now Offering African Language Classes

Washington– Winston Media Concepts has offered business communications services since 2010.  As a consultant, Winston has supported business endeavors from local mom and pop institutions to international establishments and governments.  With the growth of Africa as a place of business and trade, Winston sees learning African languages as the key for business growth for enterprises around the world.

“Our motto is changing media for a changing world, and we keep that promise.”  Winston said.  “We know that the most powerful form of connection is language.  And I believe that learning an African language is the future for the age in which we now live.”

The module offers 6 and 8-week courses in Yoruba, Swahili, Twi, Igbo and others. Learners of all ages have an opportunity to learn from native African language speakers in the comfort of their own home, in the classroom or even at the park!  These classes help you connect not only to language, but culture.

“I want to offer communications products that help you truly take your business to the next level.  My mission has always been to build success into your business media; so African language classes are the logical next step.” Winston said.

Follow the link to register today.



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