New Podcast Tackles Business, Motivation and Geopolitical Issues

When CommonSins Podcast was launched in 2016, WMC top consultant, Lela Winston had know idea she’d be recording her 73 show.  International interviews, motivational conversations and think pieces are just a fraction of the show’s subject matter.  The podcast is housed at affiliated website

“I really started CommonSins, because I felt there was something that needed to be said.” Winston said.  “There were critical conversations that really weren’t being had in the wider public sphere.  I felt that needed to be changed.”

The podcast airs on Monday and Friday and covers a wide range of subjects.  African news roundups and unconventional motivational tips are a mainstay on the podcast.  The podcast is designed to open a dialogue about subjects, groups, issues and news in a way that allows the listener to contribute as well as feel comfortable learning and trying something new.

“CommonSins is about looking at humanity . . . and seeing it and saying it in a way that we can all understand.  It’s to critique, improve and build on good old out-of-the-box thinking!”  Winston added.

Tune into to CommonSins Podcast now and follow the hashtag, #commonsins on social media.



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