Washington  —  Among the many services that Winston Media Concepts provides, it also helps small businesses, entrepreneurs, bloggers and writer create content. WMC Chief Lela Winston also provides communications, marketing and writing advice on her professional website at

“Many entrepreneurs and businesses suffer from a disorganization that can really impact their brand.”  Winston said.  “There is this idea that one can just wing it–and while that’s okay, having just a little organization and planning can go a long way.”

The new Content Calendar provides an excellent guide for planning content on a website, newsletter, online newspaper or blog.  It’s a tool that will help writers, senior editors, and producers create great content every time.

“We really have to look at creating a narrative that goes beyond just writing blogs, articles and pieces.”  Winston said, “You’ve got to be intentional about why you’re writing and what you want readers to take away from the piece.”

The free resources is easy to access and can be downloaded with the click of a mouse.  Download the guide today.



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