WMC Provides Guest Content for TDS Business Solutions in October

Washington, DC — Winston Media Concepts continues its quest to be one of the best content/media providers on the web by supplying a guest post for TDS Business Solutions Business Blog.  The blog provides business advice to clients and customers; it is also owned by TDS Telecommunications Corporation headquartered in Madison Wisconsin.  TDS Telecom Inc. is the seventh largest telecommunications firm in the United States providing local exchange coverage.

“When I was approached by TDS, I was glad to provide content for their Business Blog,”  said Winston. “TDS Business Blog seeks to provide high quality premium content that supports their client’s business objectives, and Winston Media Concepts embodies that.”

TDS Business Blog featured the LelaWinstonWordwise.wordpress.com, “Six Steps to a Better Business Atmosphere” on October 14, 2013. The  repost was from a LelaWinstonWordwise.wordpress.com article first posted on December 12, 2012.  The article was promoted by TDS Business Solutions Blog and appears here.

TDS Telecom Inc is a wholly owned subsidiary of Telephone and Data Systems Inc. with almost 1 million customer associations , 2500 employees, and operations in over seven states, providing telephone, high-speed internet, TV Entertainment, and VoIP.

“Winston Media Concepts goal is to provide quality content and media in addition to business services, so it was a good fit with the TDS Business Blog.  Whether you follow on Twitter, enjoy a blog or video tutorial, the mission is premium content.” Said Winston Media Concepts Founder and Lead Media Consultant.

“Winston Media Concepts really does build success into your business media.”


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