Founder Supports TEDx MidAtlantic as Volunteer Curator and Ambassador

Washington, DC–Winston Media Concepts Founder, Lela Winston will participate in her second TED event of 2013.  In April, Winston participated in TEDMED as a graphic facilitator. The “Doing well by doing good” founder of the freelance contract writing service,  Winston Media Concepts supported TEDx MidAtlantic Organizers in the Washington, DC area to help put on the annual conference.

“I enjoy working for TED, because much of its mission embodies what I believe in.  This idea of innovation, and ideas, thought -leadership, and the possibility that we can work together for good: these are the kind of concepts that truly make life a dynamic possibility.”

Winston who in the past volunteered extensively for homeless, food security, and similar causes sees how the intersect of business can impact the world as powerfully as giving bread to the hungry.

“People are starving in this world.  Mostly for good things.  For food, of course, but also for meaning, for hope, for ways to surmount obstacles or even just to enjoy life.  I think TED is a great medium for exchanging ideas.  It fits within my life goals to always act with meaning–with purpose. ”

TEDx MidAtlantic will be held October 25-26, 2013 and will feature 50 speakers, including  Shiza Shahid, who helped Malala return to school and founded the Malala Fund; Honest Tea Founder Seth Goldman, South Sudan Ambassador Khoc, Fortune Magazine Editor Leigh Gallagher among many others.

“I’m glad there is a forum like TED where we can talk about ideas that are worth noting–Ideas that could change our world.  That is the business that I am in–helping people to actualize their dreams, building success into their business media.  Everything starts as an idea–a thought.  TED steps to the forefront to explore those thoughts.”

For more information and ticketing, please visit:


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