Push to Capitalize Brand Gains Momentum With New Acquisitions In February

Washington, DC — Winston Media Concepts has been relentless in its effort to continue building content and brand recognition of its media concepts. On February 7, 2013 Winston Media Concepts opened its first Youtube account where clients, web-goers, and fans can check in to see the latest video from WMC Founder Lela Winston.

“I really felt like I needed a quality place to upload multipurpose content videos for clients and subscribers.” Lela Winston said. “Videos, digital, and media has always been something I’ve been familiar with since my college days at the University of Southern California.” Winston referenced her alma mater and the time she spent working in the Annenberg TV News room as a reporter.

“When I was a kid, I always wanted to make movies. I think Youtube.com is a great platform. I think Google is a great tool and it’s revolutionizing the way we do internet.” Winston continued.

On February 9, 2013 Winston also opened a Pintrest.com account for sharing her passion for photography. The Pintrest.com account will allow clients, subscribers, followers, and others to interact with visual content in new ways.

“I think its essential to embrace new technology. I love it. I believe the world is moving into a new phase from which we will never turn back. ” Winston said.

These changes are further defining the Lela Winston/Winston Media Concepts Brand, which stands for excellence, innovation, and optimism. Her positive content is part of her core belief that we can do well by doing good.

“I believe business can be better–Our ethics, our attitudes about how we treat customers and employees. I love what I do, but never forget that I am always engaging with humanity. I can’t forget that. And social media can help a business put a face to sales numbers. I write a myriad of diverse content for my clients; but content for my social media sites will always be about improving business and the life.”

Winston also opened a Fiverr.com account to increase visibility and offer an alternative way for individuals to access her expertise without having to be a company or professional organization. The Fiverr account allows anyone to be able to access a tiny bit of Winston’s Media Concepts for just five dollars.

“I really think Fiverr.com will be fun. It’s just a great way to connect with people and create branding.”

Now you can find Lela Winston on Pintrest, Youtube, and Fiverr.com

Pintrest: Lela Winston
Youtube: winstonmediaconcepts
Fiverr.com Lela_WinstonWMC


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