Tumblr Now the Latest in Turn to Social Media

Washington, DC–Winston Media Concepts opened its first Tumblr account yesterday.  The new account is currently being set up with great anticipation for the introduction of mini-blogs and video contributions.

“Twitter is a great social media tool, I think the community at Tumblr will make a nice addition to building the freelance aspect and outreach.”  Said Lela Winston who recently finished a new business article “Six Steps to a Better Business Atmosphere.”

The new Tumblr account will focus on Winston’s photography line offering both photography services and prints.  Photography has always been a part of the Winston Media Concepts product, but now the focus will be on broadening that aspect.

“I am drawn to good photography.  I am a very visual person, and I believe as our society continues to become more digital and instant–a photo really does convey a concept in a crisp and concise way like no other meme.”  Winston said.

You will be able to communicate directly to Lela Winston on Tumblr, send her ideas and contribute blogs.  Stay posted for the new Tumblr site and be sure to check out the latest installment of “Lela Winston Wordwise.”

Follow Lela Winston on Twitter @lela_winston


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