Wordwise Blog Features Career & Business Advice, Updated Tweets

Washington, DC–The new blog, Lela Winston Wordwise will highlight Winston Media Concepts career and life coaching aspect.  The blog will delve into work, business, and communication related subject matter, offering advice as well as insight.

“This is the kind of blog that everyone can find useful.” Blog author Lela Winston said.  “Whether you’re a C-level executive or you work in the shoe department at your local retail store, you’ll find something that speaks to you.”

The blog will also feature real time tweets from the Winston Media Concepts Twitter account.  Blog readers can stay up to date with feeds even when they are not on Twitter.  Additionally, there is an email sign up where readers can have emails delivered right into their inbox as soon as they are posted.

“I’m really excited about everything that is going on with Winston Media Concepts right now.”  Winston said.

Click the link to read the first blog post:  Avoid the Cinderella Complex


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