Contest for Unemployment Narrative Seeks to Highlight the Plight of Many in the US

Washington DC–Embarking on its first contest, Winston Media Concepts is seeking feedback from the nations thousands of unemployed.  The contest seeks to explore those stories as well as find a silver lining among them.

The contest is a helpful gauge of the nation since the 2008 collapse which sent a wave through American Economy and the World Economy that rivals the Great Depression of the 1930s.  Winston will attempt to look at what went wrong and how we can fix it–specifically among everyday Americans.

“This is definitely a project that is near to my heart, because I believe that we can achieve a lot in this country and throughout the world.  I think the solution is about coming together to solve our economic problems,”  Winston Media Concepts founder and president, Lela Winston said.

The contest deadline is November 31, 2012.  All entrants must be 18 or older and US citizens or legal US residents.  The contest will be held in select states and the first prize winner will win $50.  Contestant are urged to apply via Winston Media Concepts’ online portal which can be found by clicking here:

“I’m hoping we can learn from the success stories here, but also to give a face to the statistics.” Said Winston.


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