Winston Media Concepts Opens Twitter Account and Relocates

Washington, DC — Winston Media Concepts opened its Twitter account on Friday, October 19 2012 under the name lela_winston.  The new account will focus on communication essentials offering free information and feature favorites by Winston Media Concept founder, Lela Winston. The company will continue to focus efforts on social media.

“Social Media is a necessary component to any company today.” Lela Winston said. “Mastering social media to produce the greatest response to your business and using it as a marketing tool can make all of the difference for a small business.  I encourage every business to become a part of social media–but to do it in a way that sets you apart from others.  It can be done.”  

The sole proprietorship also recently relocated to the nation’s capital in September where it will continue operations.  The changes come as WMC continues to expand into new areas and announces the close of several blogs it earlier started to fit more closely with the companies goals.

“We liked Solomon of Songheim and other blogs, but we felt the company needed to go in a different direction in the blogosphere.  We are focusing on ready-use content, but we will definitely bring back the serials at the right time.  This isn’t the right time”  Winston said.  

Winston Media Concepts continues to move forward.  The company will continue to expand into 2013.

For more information visit our website at and leave a message in the contact box or send an email:


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