WMC Celebrates SciFi Podcast Launch

Los Angeles – Winston Media Concepts unveils a new science fictionserial  podcast.  Perhaps the first of its kind, the podcast serial will be available for download here at WordPress and the MyYankee America Blogger site.

“We’re just gauging the waters out there.”  Lela Winston, WMC president said, “We have an idea this could be really big, and we think a lot of people will enjoy it.. but right now we’re starting out with just one podcast.  In the future, of course, the sky’s the limit.”

WMC plans to publish the podcast once a week and increase casts as the series progresses.  The company reports that the podcast will be scifi themed, but the plot has not yet been revealed.  The podcast series is called, “The Last Days of Men.”  listners can download the podcast or listen to it right from the blog site.

Winston Media Concepts is a full service media content and marketing firm offering both business and professional services to companies and individuals.  For more information contact winstonmediaconcepts@live.com




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